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BEWARE: FAILURE TO OBEY CERTAIN PUBLIC ORDERS MAY RESULT IN A $1,000 FINE OR UP TO 1 YEAR IN THE COUNTY JAIL. Link to all Public Health Orders put out by the Department of Health & Environment and all Executive Orders put out by the Governor of Colorado concerning COVID-19 and its management.

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Management in confining conditions STRESS, COPING, REDUCING STIGMAS Be Aware of fears caused by the pandemic: fear of coronavirus survivors, emergency and health care workers, travelers, and persons of Asian descent. Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) NATIONAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE 800.799.7233 NATIONAL TEEN DATING ABUSE HOTLINE 866.331.9474 COLORADO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROGRAM Resources. Colorado Office of Children, Youth and Families ONE STOP: TIPS & GUIDE FOR PERSONS WITH ACCESS AND FUNCTIONAL NEEDS Colorado State Emergency Operations Center ASTRONAUT TIPS ON HOW TO THRIVE IN ISOLATION Scott Kelly, former International Space Station astronaut. IMPACTS OF COVID-19 ON UNDERSERVED COMMUNITIES CCBN Scholar Danyelle Gilbert Exposé on Comeback: with Erica Cobb podcast COVID COMMUNITY CONVERSATIONS be well Health

MANAGEMENT BY COUNTY: Information on closures, courts, resources, services, Townhall meetings, etc., by county. Click on the county name to view information about that county. ADAMS, ARAPAHOE, DENVER, DOUGLAS

PREPARATIONS TO SHELTER IN PLACE MAKE 3-7 DAY EMERGENCY KIT This kit is useful for any emergency situation where sheltering in place is necessary. MAKE AN EMERGENCY FIRST AID KIT Texas Department of State Health Services [includes sign language]. Extensive first aid kit for a general spectrum of medical emergencies during unusual circumstances. This is not the average, everyday first aid kit.

PARENTING TIPS and AIDS Downloadable Posters from World Health Organization WAYS TO STAY CONNECTED TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD Local Home Grocery & Food Delivery Resources MEALS ON WHEELS, TO GO DENVER, KING SOOPERS, SAFEWAY, ALBERTSONS, WALMART WAYS TO HELP OTHERS COLORADO MASK PROJECT Reach Colorado's goal if masks for EVERYONE: Make masks, get masks, give masks, and/or donate materials for masks. BECOME A MASK RESOURCE PARTNER How to get you, your family, friends, colleagues, social community, physical community, organization or business to become a CO Mask Project Resource Partner! (scroll down to the bottom of the linked page for more information) TIPS TO THRIVE WITH LESS MONEY ECONOMIC IMPACT PAYMENTS Internal Revenue Service. Includes how to receive CARES Act stimulus check if you did not file taxes ECONOMIC IMPACT PAYMENT INFORMATION CENTER Internal Revenue Service GOOD TO KNOW:Helpful information on the CARES Act stimulus check. Forbes ASSISTANCE FOR FAMILIES and CHILDREN Colorado Department of Human Services PAYCHECK PROTECTION PROGRAM Small Business Administration (includes information on loan forgiveness) SBA DISASTER ASSISTANCE for small businesses and private, nonprofit organizations. Small Business Administration LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS ASSISTANCE Small Business Administration DISADVANTAGED RELIEF FUND Be Well Health and Wellness Initiative.

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