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Barbara Tunley Crenshaw Nursing Scholarship

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  1. Please write a MAXIMUM 500 word essay telling us about yourself. Essay should tell us:
  2. Who you are: A well rounded introduction/overview of you and your aspirations.
  3. What interests you about the nursing field.
  4. Where/How you see yourself fitting into the nursing field?
  5. One issue you feel negatively impacts healthcare today and what role you foresee yourself as a nurse playing in the remedying of that issue.
  6. How this scholarship will help you attain your nursing goals.

500 Word Essay:


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  1. Thanks for opening this back up

  2. The ECCBN Scholarships provide opportunities to make matriculation into a school of Nursing a success. Apply today.

  3. Hi Robin
    I am dr. Margie Cook the membership fee is $50 instead of 35. Correct? How do we change that and do we have an email address where students or potential members will send questions. How do and who does the correcting for this site?
    Much Love
    Marge Cook

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