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The Colorado Council of Black Nurses, Inc. (CCBN) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and, as the Eastern Colorado Council Black Nurses, Inc. (ECCBN), is a chartered member of the National Black Nurse Association, Inc. (NBNA), sharing common concerns for improving the health status of all people, particularly African American and other underrepresented and underserved consumers.


The mission of the Colorado Council Black Nurses, Inc. is to improve the health status of all people by promoting culturally competent and equitable health care while increasing college matriculation and successful graduation rates among underrepresented students in post secondary education; thereby empowering underserved communities to not only be participants but active contributors to an equitable health care system in both national and global arenas.


The Colorado Council of Black Nurses, Inc. (CCBN) was founded in May 1973, by a small group of Black nurses who were concerned with the low quality of healthcare provided to ethnic populations within the United States of America. The charter members set out and adopted their mission to facilitate better patient care in the Black as well as other ethnic communities. With a focus was on health education and patient care needs, our founders accomplished CCBN's objectives by developing action-oriented strategies. Primary strategies included collaboration with community organizations that shared in ECCBN's vision to improve better access and care for all regardless of race or socio-economic status, and to recruit more ethnically diverse nurses into the healthcare industry. Mentoring and providing scholarships to potential nurses enhanced CCBN's mission of promoting culturally competent care.

Since its inception, CCBN has been involved in many community health promotion activities and educational programs including but not limited to providing health screenings and/or workshops on diabetes, cardiac diseases and disorders, sex and HIV/AIDS awareness, as well as on healthcare disparities that affect underrepresented ethnic populations.

In 2010, CCBN became a chartered member of the National Black Nurses Association Incorporated (NBNA) and with that affiliation, CCBN attained national recognition and influence as the Eastern Colorado Council of Black Nurses Incorporated (ECCBN). As ECCBN, this collaboration gives CCBN a heightened voice and enhanced influence over legislation and policy changes that affect underrepresented consumers as well as healthcare providers within the healthcare industry.

CCBN Advisory Board

Comprised of community leaders, healthcare professionals, and other citizens who are committed to addressing healthcare disparities within the community, CCBN's Advisory Board donate their time, talent and expertise to provide guidance in the fulfillment of CCBN's mission and completion of goals.

Maisha Fields

Lisa Neal-Graves

Shane Hoon

Zach Lynkiewicz

Chris Lyttle


President: Margie Cook PhD

Vice President: Robin Bruce

Treasurer: Dorothy Reid

Secretary: Rose Jean-Gilles

Parliamentarian: Chris Bryant DNP

Historian: Margie Cook PhD

Chaplain: Emma Jackson

Immediate Past President: Elerie Archer

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Community Outreach: LaNita Todd – Chair

Education: Lynn Hoskins – Chair

Fundraising: LaNita Todd – Chair

Golf Tournament: Lee Thomas – Chair

Membership: Chris Bryant – Chair

Professional Development- Lynn Hoskins – Chair

Scholarship-Robin Bruce – Chair

Social Action and Legislation: Margie Cook – Chair

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